This terminal can be used in variable applications, thanks to some built-in equipment like radio, interfaces and controllers. It is fully equipped and ready to be used:

  • as APRS terminal (graphical map and messaging)
  • as emergency APRS digipeater
  • as APRS igate
  • for DVB-T reception
  • as voIP client
  • for WX satellite reception (graphical data)
  • to access services in the internet/hamnet


  • MTP can be operated on 230VAC or 12VDC and switches automatically between the sources
  • key inputs are made with a wireless keyboard including a mousepad
  • additional USB port allows us to connect external peripherals (headset or memory/LTE stick)
  • 12VDC output to supply external accessories
  • when used as APRS terminal, it works perfectly together with our APRS digipeater


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