We’ve got a standalone APRS digipeater to guarantee a strong APRS coverage in case of emergency. It is assembled in a 19″ case which can be mounted in a usual 19″ rack or a in the protective flight-case. This makes the digipeater’s application very flexible.


The emergency APRS digipeater is fully equipped and preconfigured to work as a standalone digipeater. The USB port can be used to connect a keyboard for further purposes (e.g. text messaging) and for reconfiguring the TNC if necessary.


  • Built-in Byonics TinyTrak4 with display
  • Full APRS digipeater functionality
  • Strong professional radio up to 25W TX Output
  • Operates with 230V AC OR 12V DC (changes automatically to 12V in case of a power failure)
  • Textmessaging (external USB-keyboard)
  • Built-in powerpole connectors

APRS Digipeater1

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