LARU’s EMC group has constructed two cross-band voice repeater for single or multi-site operation. It is assembled in a 19″ case which can be mounted in a usual 19″ rack or a in the protective flight-case.



The cross-band repeater can be used to work as a simple emergency voice repeater for dual-band radios.


The repeater can also be configured to work as a bridge between a simplex channel and another repeater. It could also act as a bridge between two usual repeaters if necessary.


Multi-site in this case means that you can connect two sites (or more) between themselves. Let’s imagine that we have two sites (e.g. cities) where ham operators are not able to communicate with the other site (cause of the distance or geological situation). Every repeater will be placed on a hill or another higher area next to its site. Both repeaters will communicate via VHF. The UHF component of every repeater will be used for local or site-internal communication. Every input on UHF via one repeater is sent out over UHF on the other repeater.


  • UHF circuit
  • VHF circuit
  • Two strong professional radios up to 25W TX Output
  • Operates using 230V AC OR 12V DC (switches automatically to 12V in case of a power failure)
  • Power-output to supply other devices over the 12V DC input or the internal switched power supply (switches automatically)
  • Built-in powerpole connector
  • Built-in RJ45 LAN connector for future purpose
  • Temperature-controlled ventilation
  • 19″ case for flexible mount

Crossband voice repeater

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