LARU’s EMC has got a professional DMR repeater. We put it together with some IT components in a protective flight-case to be in line with our other emergency equipment. The repeater can work in analog, digital or mixed-mode operation.


analog mode

When acting as an analog voice repeater, it uses the usual frequency modulation (FM).

digital mode

In digital mode, the repeater works as digital mobile radio repeater (ETSI EN 300 113 part 2). DMR uses TDMA channel access scheme which allows 2 conversations over one repeater at the same time. Some special functions as GPS positioning or text messaging are also available in digital mode.

mixed mode

The mixed mode combines both modes. In that mode, the repeater switches automatically between analog and digital conversation. Working the repeater with both modes at the same time is not possible.


We normally use the repeater in digital mode only. Although this mode requires special radios, the repeater’s necessary current will be reduced:

DMR efficiency

current in mA.

More information on DMR can be found here: (german)


  • up to 25W transmitter power
  • FM/4FSK
  • GPS positioning
  • text messaging
  • voice and data communication over two possible timeslots
  • Operates with 230V AC OR 12V DC (changes automatically to 12V in case of a power failure)
  • integrated router
  • uses less energy


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